Wildness & Wonder In the Heart of the Mojave

Joshua Tree is renowned for its magic, and right in the heart of it all lies Pioneertown Ranch.
Originally a part of the Keys Ranch, Pioneertown Ranch was owned by the same, original family for four generations. Now, it’s waiting for you.

Here, colorful birds and lizards play by day, and once the sun sets, you’ll find nocturnal animals
like bighorn sheep, lynx, and black-tailed jackrabbits. Wild plants create a landscape that’s whimsical, tantalizing, and one-of- a-kind.

The Ranch borders the beautiful, 25,500-acre Pioneertown Mountains Preserve. Volcanic
mesas, the Sawtooth Mountains, and the San Bernardino National Forest lie beyond, and
nearby, you’ll explore historical landmarks like the Oasis of Mara and Lost Horse Mine.

High desert magic is all yours here at the Ranch.

Here is what you get:

  • Fifteen Rambling Acres to roam, explore, and experience your own, personal paradise

  • Joshua Tree Location with convenient amenities just a short drive away

  • Borders the Pioneertown Mountain Reserve 25,500 acres of untouched wilderness, right next door

  • Wildness Abounds from yucca trees to cactus blooms, bighorn sheep to jackrabbits

  • Stunning Hikes endless opportunities to experience the Mojave’s breathtaking beauty

  • Unmatched Quiet a secluded property that’s far from the hustle and bustle of neighbors, city lights, and distraction

Ancient. Raw. Stunning.

Human history in Joshua Tree goes back over 5,000 years. This is a place that has ancient
energy and millions of stories. Now, the story is yours. From roasting marshmallows under the
stars to taking adventurous hikes up into the surrounding hills; here, you’re on the cusp of the incredible.

This is the home of cowboys and coyotes, artists and pioneers. Now, it’s a home away from home for you.

About Jennifer.


I am an interior designer, avid traveler & vintage collector.
This beach girl fell in love with the Mojave Desert.
And Pioneertown & Joshua Tree are like no other place on earth.
It's hard to beat those ombre desert sunsets and starry night skies.
Upon first arrival at the ranch, it was destined to become the first property for Archive West.
The vision - to design with intention and create a destination you'll want to return to again and again.
Pioneertown Ranch is meant for wide open space, time to reflect and recharge and to spend time with family and friends.
And we can't wait to have you join us.

xx - Jen